PULS 20. New Entries in the MNAC Collection

29.06.2022 – 29.09.2022

Curators: Sandra Demetrescu, Irina Radu

Craiova Art Museum

Jean Mihail Palace

Artists: Dan Acostioaei, Andreea Anghel, Apparatus 22, Olimpiu Bandalac, Dragoș Bădiță, Ioana Bătrânu, Matei Bejenaru, Răzvan Boar, Rudolf Bone, Irina Botea Bucan, Giulia Crețulescu, Megan Dominescu, Biroul de Cercetări Melodramatice (Irina Gheorghe & Alina Popa), Ana Golici, Daniel Gontz, Teodor Graur, Viorica Iacob, Gheorghe Ilea, Aurora Király, Kopacz Kund, Stela Lie, Petru Lucaci, Maria Manolescu, Ana Maria Micu, 2META, Olivia Mihălțianu, Ciprian Mureșan, Alexandru Păsat, Marilena Preda Sânc, Carmen Rasovszky, Gheorghe Rasovszky, Larisa Sitar, Alexandru Solomon, Doru Tulcan, Cristian Răduță, Dan Vezentan, Bogdan Vlăduță, Victoria Zidaru

MNAC Team: Dana Cocină, Alina Constantin, Mariana Constantin, Diana Mealha, Claudia Paraschiv, Iulia Popovici (Art Collections dpt.); Alexandru Oberländer-Târnoveanu, Gabriela Popp (Curatorial & Exhibitions production dpt.); Cristi Enache, Mirel Gheorghe, Florin Memet, Paul Sandu, Ștefan Tudor (Logistics)

Thanks to the MAC Team: Mihaela Velea (Head of Art dpt.); Mirel Albu, Ancuța Bărăscu, Ovidiu Neagoe, Lucian Rogneanu, Laura Tiparu (museographers); Felicia Șerban, Luminița Florea (conservators); Ion Popescu (custodian); Mădălina Papură (supervisor); Fernando Paciurea, Daniel Tilică (technicians); Dan Iordache (I.T.)

MNAC Art Acquisitions Exhibition – 2020 Session at Craiova Art Museum

The Craiova Art Museum, in partnership with the National Museum of Contemporary Art – MNAC Bucharest, invites you on Wednesday, 29 June 2022, at 13:00, to the opening of the exhibition “PULS 20 – New Entries in the MNAC Collection”. The opening will take place in the presence of Mr Emilian Ștefârță (MAC Manager) and Mr Călin Dan (MNAC Director).

After the first public presentation of the results of MNAC’s 2020 Acquisitions Session (“Twelve years after. A Survey of Romanian Art in 180 Works”), MNAC has begun touring selections from this fund under the title “PULS 20” (Kunsthalle Bega, 2021; Craiova Art Museum, 2022). As part of this broad approach to presenting the collection in partner institutions in Romania, the exhibition hosted by the Craiova Art Museum presents a concentrated overview of the 2020 Acquisitions, through the works of 38 contemporary artists and artist groups, representative of the different generations and multiple concerns in artistic production of the last five decades. The dialogues thus created bear witness to the effervescence of the Romanian art scene, in its extremely complex journey, and also offer multiple perspectives on contemporary history as it is outlined through the artistic act.

“A lot can be said about this assembly of works, about the almost miraculous ways in which they manage to illustrate 50 years of local art production, about the fascinating diversity of personalities united through the inspirational effort made by a jury of specialists with high standing, and with a deep knowledge about Romanian contemporary history. The session of art acquisitions organised by MNAC in 2020, with the generous support of the Ministry of Culture, has not been just a mechanism of cultural politic: through the synergy between an enthusiastic art scene (awaiting for 12 years this moment of recognition), and the expertise of the specialists within and around the museum, a remarkable act of collective curatorship has been taking place”. (Călin Dan, MNAC Director)