"Constantin Brâncuși" National Day 2022

19 February 2022

Craiova Art Museum

Jean Mihail Palace

The guided tour included a presentation of the Brâncuși collection from Craiova, in the context of the sculptor's entire work, its specifics and the set of works present on Romanian territory. He also used the biographical detail to place and explain the genesis of some of Brancusi's works.

The tour continued outside the office, with a tour of the temporary exhibition, entitled “La Cuise de Marcel” (Călin Dan) and which glosses a possible Brâncuși-Duchamp dialogue, starting from the work “Torso fragment” or “Thigh”, the variant from 1909/1910, in the museum's collection.

During the day of February 19, 2022, the visit of the Craiova Art Museum was free.